Please allow one to two business days for the results of your PET/CT exam to be delivered to your referring physician. If requested at the time of your exam, we will also send the results to other physicians involved in managing your healthcare.

If you would like any other physician or healthcare provider to receive copies of your PET/CT results and medical records, we will require your specific and written authorization.  We encourage you to utilize a form for such purposes that may be downloaded here.

After your referring physician has discussed with you the results of your PET/CT exam, you may request and receive personally a copy of your PET/CT exam results and medical records.  In these cases, please call us at (337) 433-3001 to make this request and schedule a pickup time that give us sufficient time to duplicate your records.  You will also be required to complete and sign a medical release at the time you receive your records.  A copy of this release may be downloaded here.