Siemens Biograph Horizon

Designed with premium technologies that set the standard in PET/CT imaging, the Siemens Biograph Horizon offers high image quality and outstanding resolution for early identification of small lesions and metastases for state-of-the-art tumor staging. As such, it can support your physician's efforts to determine treatment efficacy and, as a result, limit the side effects caused by ineffective treatments.

In addition, excellent and consistent image quality is supported by standardized exams and automated daily quality control for accurate and reproducible quantification of imaging data over time.

With its dose-reducing capabilities, the Biograph Horizon supports our efforts to maintain high levels of patient safety while still delivering the image quality your physician needs. High image quality provides more clinical information to improve diagnostic confidence and, ultimately, the ability to monitor treatment efficacy.

And, the Biograph Horizon offers built-in capabilities that automate routine daily tasks and protocols, enabling our staff to spend more time with patients. As a result, patients benefit from a more positive imaging experience and report high levels of satisfaction due to the efficient and attentive exam.