Patient Care Coordinator

As our Patient Care Coordinator, Sherry's overall role is to collaborate with our patients and their other healthcare providers to seamlessly facilitate patient referrals and support our patients in preparation for their imaging exam.  Sherry has been offering our patients and others a welcoming spirit and willingness to serve since our company was founded in 2001.

Sherry graduated from Marion High School and completed business coursework at Sowela Technical School.  Her hobbies are sewing, reading, hunting, camping and spending time with her grandchildren.

"Working for Louisiana PET/CT Imaging of Lake Charles has given me the opportunity to provide patients and families with kindness, compassion and a sympathetic ear when they are so overwhelmed with a diagnosis of cancer. Our company provides a great service to our community and I am proud to be part of that team."

-Sherry Perkins, Patient Care Coordinator


Jeremiah Juneau, CNMT, RT(R)(N)

Chief Technologist

As our Chief Technologist, Jeremiah's overall role is to provide our patients with a supportive and safe PET/CT imaging experience, while ensuring the diagnostic quality of the PET/CT images we produce.  Jeremiah has been delivering a confident and reassuring presence to our patients and exceptional imaging studies for our physicians since 2007.

Jeremiah is registered in both Radiologic Technology and Nuclear Technology and has over 10 years of experience in PET/CT Imaging.  He holds National RT & NM Licenses (CNMT & ARRT (R)(N)), as well as State RT & NM Licenses (Louisiana & Texas).  Jeremiah passed the NMTCB PET Registry in 2008 and maintains his CPR Certification.  His hobbies include spending time with his wife and son, competing in triathlons, and traveling.

"I strive to provide friendly, professional, & superior care to all of our patients. I also take pride in providing a clean, efficient, & advanced level medical imaging facility for the Lake Area."

-Jeremiah Juneau, Chief Technologist